Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Belated Beginnings

This blog should really have started July '07 when this garden begun. July was when we finally moved onto land (albeit 353sqm including the house) in inner-city Brisbane. I remember researching vegetable gardens, discovering permaculture and then stumbling upon Linda Woodrow's "The Permaculture Home Garden". It's this book that forms the basis of our garden.

First things first, I should describe briefly how we built this garden (I'll let Linda tell you why).

(This is how it looked when we moved in)

(This is what it looks like today)

1) The Edging : Next time I'm at the hardware store I'll write down the name of the product and edit this post. Basically it's a recycled plastic that is held in place with pegs

2) The Rocks : Sandstone! We laid weed matting then broke our backs shoveling 1 cubic metre's worth of rocks. (I recommend more than one layer of matting - grass still manages to poke through - No herbicide, It's an organic garden)

3) The Soil : We didn't turn anything. Basically a layer of wet newspaper, horse poo (pre-composted - no smell) and heaps of sugar cane mulch.

4) The Chicken Tractor : A whole new post to follow.

5) The Fence : Bamboo and bird netting to keep our cheeky little poodle out.

6) The Pond : Barely visible in the above image. Basically wine barrels, a bath tub and a grey water pump under the house. It's our new experiment in re-using water. There'll be a dedicated post for this one.

7) Irrigation : Invisible because it's under the mulch. I will explain the grey water system later, but basically there's a giant loop of holy pipe that runs around the garden.

8) Design : Read Linda's book. Basically a series of circles allows greater surface area for picking veggies without getting your feet dirty and also allows you to move the chickens around in a circuit.


Steven said...

Hmm, looking forward to these updates, so i can ruthlessly point out spelling errors and mistakes.. hey i'm a student with wayyy too much time on his hands.

First up.. do you mean pesticide or herbicide to kill the weeds coming up in the rocky path?

Daniel said...

Alright, how do I ban comments I don't like on this thing......