Monday, March 24, 2008

The Garden Today

About time I show what's in our garden today....

There are 6 outer circles, 1 inner. Everything else is down the sides of the yard.

This is circle #1 (the most forefront in the above photo) planted 9th Feb '08.
Here you can see beans, pawpaw & corn. Ideally I would have planted some sort of vine like cucumber or squash as well. The idea is beans, corn and a vine provide each other with shade as they grow. Too much sun and a plant stops growing and wilts. The beans will climb up the corn as well as fix nitrogen in the soil. Corn is a heavy nitrogen feeder - a great partnership. The corn has just started to form as well as the beans.

(Tip. Don't plant anything from the onion family near any sort of bean or legume. The nitrogen is fixed by bacteria that live near the beans roots. Onions are anti-bacterial).

#2 (clockwise from #1) planted 2nd March '08.
Straight after the chooks had been moved from this circle I spread some horse manure and more mulch before planting the corn. The corn is a bit sickly here - our puppy got into the seed tray before I planted them. In the corner there is a cucumber vine and I have beans in a seed tray ready to plant in a week or so. Behind this there are some soy beans.

A lot of this is our first time planting. Please don't take all this as gospel but a chance to check out our ongoing experiments.

#3 planted 15th March '08.
Again more corn. Unfortunately there's not enough. I used half the seedlings in #2 to top our puppy's mess. It takes about 2 weeks to get healthy seedlings, so it will be interesting to see how this patch goes when I top it up with younger seedlings. Again, this is all planted straight after the chickens have left. There is more cucumber in the top right (it should creep east through the corn) and a few potatoes in the mound behind.

#4 chickens since 15th March '08.
She's laying an egg back there.

#5 planted 2nd Feb '08
A lone rosella at the front with a strip of alfalfa behind it. They say rosella makes a great tea - good for the blood. Apparently alfalfa (lucerne) is good for the soil.... At the very least it gives the chooks some food when they move onto it. At the back is our 'compost' pile - just sticks, leaves etc that we had no where else to put. Again, lots of juicy critters underneath for the chickens. The rosella flower only lasted a day!

#6 planted 3rd Feb '08
There were no chooks before this planting. At the back there is sweet potato - it creeps everywhere and needs to be trained away from everything else. Just in from the potato is a row of carrots - they can't be transplanted so were directly sowed. In front of these are a row of tiny tom and roma tomatoes with green snake beans to either side. At the front of all this is a mixture of lettuce, rocket, cabbage & pak choi. Leek, basil, parsley, eggplant and celery didn't make it.

#7 planted 3rd Feb & 23rd March '08
This was sort of an extras circle. There were some extra cabbage, rocket and lettuce seedlings so we planted them here. They've actually done better than circle #6! I have just yesterday sowed directly a few different types of beans and peas - hence the stakes. (No chooks, just horse manure).

I think I will leave a description of our plants outside the circles to next time...

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Steven said...

You wanna be careful growing rocket, as it takes off like one and spreads like mad after it seeds, tip: pull it and eat it before it seeds..

Looking good.. so whens the harvest party? i wouldn't mind trying some of that corn.