Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Rest of the Garden

Time to show you the rest of the garden...

Avocado Tree
It actually took us a little while to work out what this tree was. Unfortunately it's only the possums that enjoy the fruit. The few fruits we've been able to grab off this very tall tree have gone off as they went soft.

Mango Tree
It's a very large tree. This year we got beautiful sweet and green mangoes. (Green mangoes are great to snack on with a little chili paste). The bats and possums have their fair share as well. The tree has once been cut right back, and it's probably due for another major pruning to keep it accessible. The mango and umbrella tree work well at reducing the western sun on the house as well. (I'd love to replace the umbrella tree one day with another fruiting tree).

This is taro! It's growing up the umbrella tree in the previous photo.

Tahitian Lime
One on either side of the front door. They need plenty of sun and an occasional urination.

We have three pawpaw tree at the moment. None have borne fruit yet, but this one will be the first to provide us with a green pawpaw salad "Somtum".

Pawpaw & Mulberry
Working back from the mango tree on the southern boundary (plenty of sun)... No fruit from either yet. The iron grill is for beans to grow up.

Star Gooseberry
I haven't tried the fruit yet, but you can munch on the leaves while you eat some spicy curries.

Pineapple Guava
Apparently the fruit tastes like pineapple and strawberries. It can be hedged (all hedges should be edible!). It hasn't grown to well so far - it had been crowded out a little by the lemongrass and an existing hedge.

Kaffir Lime
Likes lots of sun and water. The older the leaves the more flavour - great in Thai dishes. The limes have a unique and strong flavour as well.

Side Garden (looking from both directions)
This part of the garden gets plenty of sun and water (greywater). Along here we have chili, lemongrass, turmeric, ginger, galangal, edible rape (green choy sum), marigolds and basil.

Chocolate Sapote
I'm really looking forward to this one! I've tried the fruit but they say it is like eating a passionfruit full of chocolate custard. It's not a fast grower, but then again it's not getting a lot of sun...

Northern Wall
This is the northern wall i.e. the one the gets the least sun as it shades itself. Ideally the passionfruit and turmeric would be best in a sunnier spot. I'm still not sure on the best spot for this chocolate sapote...

I think I might talk about the watering system next time...

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