Saturday, August 2, 2008

Almost Spring...

My guess is we've just had our winter all crammed into one week - and it's finished!

So I've planted some more seeds in the nursery:
+ Sweet Corn (a different variety to last time),
+ Pak Choi,
+ Spinach,
+ Roma Tomato,
+ Cauliflower &
+ Lebanese Cucumber.

By the time the corn has sprouted we will have a circle of soil enriched with months of chicken, coffee grinds and food scraps. Perfect for planting the classic triad of corn, squash/cucumber & beans in the coming warmer months. Everything else we can plant around the edges.

We bought some more chooks, 1 black & 1 white, $14.95 each. They're already laying.

They are a little shy & not used to devouring scraps just yet. We'll see how they like leftover curry in the morning...

Harvesting hasn't been fantastic during winter. Although, I was happy with our solo broccoli after the slug invasion. There have been some midget carrots (although tasty), rocket, baby potatoes and the obligatory keffir lime leaves, basil, ginger, thyme etc.

...and for anyone with a hint of patience....

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