Sunday, November 23, 2008

Habanero Frogs

Looks like the rain brought frogs!

Brown striped marsh frogs apparently. I think I may have mistaken a few tadpoles for mosquito larvae - woops! Good to see the grey-water pond is habitable though.

On another note we now have an abundance of chilli! The Thai bird chilli bush is so heavy with spice it almost fell over with the rain. The habanero bushes are also booming, with enough turning orange a week to fill this bowl.

We thought the habanero was the hottest chilli around, until a trip to the Pomona markets taught us otherwise. One particular chilli merchant had almost the full range of habanero bushes either for sale or on order. The orange we have are hot, but the red habaneros we bought are hotter again (the hottest on earth until 1994). He hadn't tried his brown or white habaneros yet, but did talk a little about the Scoville scale. Looks like the Bangladeshi's have the record...

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