Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Summer's here and it's spicy!

Before - 12/12/08

After - 30/12/08
(How quickly Corn and Soy beans grow!)

What do you do when you've got 30+ chilli bushes and you go away for 13 days....

....you dry them for later.

Oh it looks like the Marsh Frogs have laid some eggs and tadpoles are emerging - see the bubbles! (Very Cool!)

I can't wait to get a proper pond happening, fed from a proper grey water filtration system and close enough to the house to create a cooling effect.

Current Problems:

1) If we do a couple of washing loads on the weekend it tends to overpower the wetland filter and cloud up the pond water. Not good for fish - but strangely the frogs have been ok...??

2) Plants are getting too big and falling over. Not enough soil to support their size.

3) Without fish, mossies are laying. So far I've had a small pump circulating water which stops the mossies laying. However, with the plants getting so big, it blocks the circulation.

Maybe I'll have to cull one of the plants?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Corn & Soybeans

At last a patch of corn that works!

+The soybeans climb up the corn, fix nitrogen and are tasty steamed (eaten just like peas in a pod)
+There is some celery in there too
+Paw Paw growing well behind
+New fence on the southern boundary so the passionfruit can catch all the sun.

Fingers crossed we're back from the break in time for the harvest!

The corn and soybeans came from the organic "Green Harvest"