Saturday, March 7, 2009


Looking forward to these!

With help from the neighbours we managed to collect 60+ (about 1/5 of the tree).

Apparently you ripen an avocado by putting them in brown paper bags, hope this works as they are rock-solid at the moment.

It's interesting to note we had virtually no mangoes this year (and no bats) but a great avocado season. It was vice versa the year before.

Anyone know if you can hedge an avocado tree? (It's too tall too reach and most of the lower branches have fallen off - no more low hanging fruit) It would be nice to lop the top half off and get a bushier tree.


Anonymous said...

When you are pruning Avocado trees I think you might need to take into account that they are terminal flowering. So pruning should not remove too many of those parts of the branch that produce flowers. Also when pruning you should remove any leaves or branches that don't receive enough light. Anyway there are some good online fact sheets at government DPI sites with sections on pruning to increase your crop. eg.

Paul M

clairebear said...

Just remember to put a banana in that brown paper bag to ripen them!!!