Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chocolate Sapote

This fruit is amazing....

It's a rainforest tree native to Mexico and is pretty hard to find in a supermarket here in Brisbane.

It literally tastes like chocolate pudding with only a hint of sweetness. There are heaps of recipes to google i.e. chocolate fruit cake, ice-cream, milkshakes...

We planted this about 2 years ago. It has probably only doubled in size - very slow growing! You should be able to buy them from Nielson's Native Nursery in Brisbane. If you have the patience, they will grow into a nice lush 8 metre high tree.

Spring Planting


The garden always seems to get neglected in winter - it's cold, not a lot grows and it always seems to be dark when getting home.

Without too much though we planted rows of the following;
'Lemon' Cucumber
'Saladbowl Red' Lettuce
'Sugarloaf' Cabbage
Bok Choy
'Hawaiian' Sweet Corn
'Chioggia' Beetroot
Mini Onions
and a lot of tomatoes...

Other than that, there are plenty of worms, bees and flowers...



Bok Choy



Kangaroo Paw

Aloe Vera

With all these flowers and bees I'm thinking of starting bee hive... anyone had any experience with them?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dragon Carrots

We found these heirloom carrots from Green Harvest, called 'Dragon Carrot'.
They taste great and so far have been the strongest & straightest carrots we've grown. Loose soil helps, and when thinning be ruthless (better to have fewer large carrots than thousands of carrot toothpicks).